• Crawler mining excavator Komatsu PC8000-6
    High Excavator PC8000-6 is designed and manufactured for use in the mining industry and in metallurgy. This specialized model enables you to develop and ship large amounts of minerals. Excavator PC8000-6 dignity inherent in traditional machinery Komatsu: 
  • Crawler mining excavator Komatsu PC5500-6
    Mining Excavator KOMATSU PC5500-6 - it is self-propelled mining machines designed for the extraction of solid rock or scoop out of the strike and loading of vehicles or laying in the dump. 
  • Crawler mining excavator Komatsu PC4000-6
    Model Excavator Komatsu PC4000-6 has a wide operating range and a special power: effort of digging the soil increased, allowing you to use excavators PC4000-6 in the most difficult conditions. At the same time play a role and high performance car combined with low fuel consumption. 
  • Crawler mining excavator Komatsu PC3000-6
    The company creates Komatsu excavators, based on modern design techniques and high-tech equipment. Due to the high reliability and performance
  • Crawler mining excavator Komatsu PC2000-8
    Mining Excavator KOMATSU PC2000-8 - a mining machines designed for the development and loading of vehicles or stockpiling of minerals and rocks in open cast mining in metallurgy and coal industry. Excavator KOMATSU PC2000-8 can be used to make large volumes of excavation works at the construction area. Excavator KOMATSU PC2000-8 
  • Crawler mining excavator Komatsu PC1250-7
    Excavator PC1250-7 is designed for use in mining, road-building, oil and gas and other industries. This model is characterized by high digging forces and provides good performance when working in adverse conditions. This gives you the opportunity to exercise excavator trenching, develop career, deepen ditches, embankments, etc. to create The main advantages of this model are: 
  • Crawler mining excavator Komatsu PC750-7
    PC Model 750 is designed for use in various industries (mining, metallurgy, oil and gas, coal, etc.). 
  • Crawler excavator Komatsu PC400-7
    The key to high-quality assembly model PC400-7 is a modern automated equipment. High technical parameters are also provided, and through the use of quality materials and components. 
  • Crawler excavator Komatsu RS300-8
    As for the whole machinery of Komatsu, models PC300-8 is characterized by a combination of excellent performance and technical characteristics and exceptional build quality. To provide high specification RS300-8 excavator, Komatsu is based on modern design techniques and uses automated assembly lines with a minimum of manual labor. In addition, the manufacturer uses high-tech materials and components own making. 
  • Crawler excavator Komatsu PC220-8
    Crawler excavators Komatsu PC220-8 have a shovel execution. Has the same parameters modification PC270-8. All proposed models of excavators designed to work in quarries, digging pits and trenching, as well as for loading and unloading.